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Electric Dryer



Clothes are too hot
  • Check all thermostats
  • Check heating elements for shorts against surrounding can
Clothes not completely drying
  • Check all air flow ducts for blockage
  • Check all thermostats
  • Check blower fan for proper air flow
  • Check for belt slippage
  • Check heat selector switch
  • Check heating elements for breaks
  • Check lint screen
  • Check switch mounted on motor
  • Check timer
Drum will not turn
  • Check blower fan for frozen bushings
  • Check door switch
  • Check drum belt
  • Check drum bushings
  • Check idler arm and wheel
  • Check motor for power
  • Check support rollers or pads
  • Check timer
Dryer will not heat
  • Check all thermostats
  • Check circuit breakers or fuses
  • Check heater element for breaks (MOST POPULAR PROBLEM)
  • Check switch mounted on motor. Two of the terminals are for the heater element operation
  • Check terminals going to heater elements
  • Check the heat selector switch
  • Check the timer
Dryer will not run
  • Check connections from the power cord to the terminal block
  • Check power at outlet. Should be reading 110 or 220/240 volts
  • Check push to start switch
  • Check the door switch
  • Check timer for power
  • Try door switch for action or clicking noise
Dryer will not shut off
  • Check for power to timer motor
  • Check sensors (certain models only)
  • Check thermostats
  • Check timer motor for advancing
  • Check timer switch leads to timer motor

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