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We bring good things to life.We have parts & accessories to liven up your appliances and your home!

We Stock:

  • Vacuum Bags

  • Humidifier Filters

  • Air Conditioner Filters

  • Air Conditioner Covers - Indoor and Outdoor

  • Range Top Drip Pans

  • Range Broiler Pans

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Trash Compacter Bags

  • Grill and Barbecue Accessories

  • Small Appliance Parts (ceiling fans, mixers, blenders, etc.)

  • Furnace Filters

  • Hot Water Heater Elements

  • We Stock Klein Tools

We have 99% of all functional parts in stock! (motors, switches, pumps, elements, etc.) What we don't have in stock can usually be delivered next day! Call and ask to get the part(s) you need TODAY!

Gene's Appliance parts stocks cosmetic appliance parts (refrigerator shelves, door bars, oven glass, etc.) but most need to be special ordered. Imagine refrigerators, with several shelves, in several models and sizes, and in different manufacturers. It's easier to wait one day for a special delivery than to stock thousands of parts in each category. And often, our replacement part prices are cheaper than the manufacturer!


Dear Homeowner

Are you aware that the use of white vinyl hose could void the warranty on your dryer?... that lint buildup that we call "cholesterol" could become a fire hazard?

Cholesterol build-up increases drying time and blocks the flow of air...just like cholesterol in your arteries blocks the flow of blood.

Leading dryer manufacturers recommend 4-inch diameter rigid or semi-rigid aluminum pipe.  When it's impossible to make a connection with metal, they recommend using SUpurr-FLEX by Deflect-o.  SUpurr-FLEX withstands temperature up to 265F.  Unlike Vinyl hose that melts, SUpurr-FLEX, better contains the hazards of a flash fire.

For assurances of quality, Deflect-o SUpurr-FLEX is printed on each section of duct.

We stock connections, venting supplies, and aluminum dryer vent piping!

End Floods!
Buy a Stainless Steel Washer Hose

  • Eliminate costly flooding damage.

  • No more surprise water leaks!

  • Braided stainless-steel covering

  • 10 Year warranty



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