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Gas Space Heaters provide a cost efficient means of heating one room or a large area. Most models operate without electricity. We stock various models and sizes, and can order any gas space heater to fit your specific situation. Please call for more details.
Heating large areas is easy with Empire's Visual Flame Vented Room Heaters. With their efficient heat flow, the durable RH-50B and RH-65B offer ample warmth that makes any room comfortable. The one-piece glass enclosure allows you to see the flame as it heats while the optional ceramic logs add a fire-like glow.
Radiant and convection heat circulates the warmth while the blower circulates warm air throughout the winter season. The hydraulic thermostat needs no outside electricity assuring reliable, round-the-clock comfort. Each unit can be installed easily with standard vent pipe.
Gravity Wall Furnaces 

GWT-25 (25,000 Btu)
GWT-35 (35,000 Btu)
GWT-50 (50,000 Btu Total; 25,000 Btu/Room) 

Our economical Gravity Vented Furnaces utilize State-of-the-Art Technology for the highest fuel efficiency. The patented burner design reduces NOx emissions by 50% for cleaner operation.
Furnace recesses into wall or mounts flush with GWTW-1. Heat one room with the GWT-25 or GWT-35 or two rooms with the GWT-50.

Space Heating Products FAQ's

What type of gas can be used?
All heaters operate on Natural or LP (liquefied petroleum) gas. 

Can the unit be converted from LP to natural gas?
All the vented units can be converted from LP to natural, or from natural to LP. Empire has kits available for the conversion. 

What size heater do I need to heat my room?
There are many variables in determining the correct amount of heat. You should consult your local dealer/installer who can, firsthand, see the space to be heated and determine a size based on the type of construction, floor plan and climate. 

How big is the unit (width, height, depth)?
We have materials here in our store that can show you sizes, or you can call us and we'll give you the info over the phone.

Are vent-free heaters safe?
YES! Since 1980, vent-free gas heating appliances have been equipped with a unique safety pilot system called an oxygen depletion sensor, or ODS. The ODS is the proven technological innovation that revolutionized the safety of vent-free gas heating appliances. In 1995, the Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance of the Gas Appliance Manufacturer Association (GAMA) commissioned a study on indoor air quality as it relates to vent-free gas heating products in the home. The results proved that vent-free gas heating products meet and exceed the most current and applicable nationally recognized standards and recommendations for the indoor air quality. 

Do vent-free heaters take all of the oxygen out of the room?
All products which burn gas and draw combustion air from the living space "take oxygen" from that space, (Gas ranges are vent-free units). The owners manuals on our products and your local code official will inform and instruct about the need for make up combustion air. Vent-free heaters have an ODS or Oxygen Depletion Sensor which automatically shuts off the gas supply in the rare event that the oxygen level in the room falls to 18% This is above unsafe levels as established by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). 

How much moisture is produced by the vent-free heater?
Vent-free units when used as supplemental heating devices generally do not add any more water to a living space than the bathroom shower does in a normal day. Specifically, for every 1,000 Btus, the vent-free unit will create 1 ounce of moisture per hour. 

Does the venting come with the DV units?
Venting is included on the following Direct Vent Models:
DV-210, DV-215, DV-25, DV-35MH, DV-55, DVC-35, DV-20E, DV-40E, DV-55E
Most units have vent extension kits available. 

Which units require electricity?
Units that require electricity to operate are: High-Efficient Direct Vent Wall Furnace
Vented Counterflow Wall Furnace
Industrial Unit Heaters

Which units come with blowers?
Most units have an optional blower available. Blowers are standard on the following units: Empire High-Efficient Direct Vent Wall Furnace
DV-20E, DV-40E, DV-55E
Empire Vented Counterflow Wall Furnace
DVC-35, DV-55, FAW-40, FAW-55
Empire Vented Room Heaters
RH-50B, RH-65B
Empire Industrial Heaters

Does the blower increase efficiency?
The blowers designed as an integral part of the unit generally help a unit achieve a relatively high efficiency. (DV55 is 77% efficient AFUE). Optional or accessory blowers are used to move the warmed air around only, they do not increase the units efficiency. 

Can I use a remote control and a wall thermostat together?
It would depend on the type of unit you have. In general, both are offered as alternative controllers, they can be combined. Please call for more details.

How far can the thermostat be from the unit?
A unit that requires electricity to operate generally has a 24-volt thermostat as its controller. This thermostat can be a long way from the unit without worrying about wire size. For example, on 20 gauge or normal thermostat wire, the thermostat could be 50, 75, and if need be 100 feet away from the heating unit.
A unit that operates off of a millivolt wall thermostat is generally limited due to the theater being able to produce 500 millivolts. 16 gauge wire is recommended up to about 20 feet and 14 gauge after that up to about 35 feet maximum (the thin wire and relatively long wire runs add resistance to the millivolt system which can keep the control valve from operating because of not enough voltage left at the valve). 

How long will these units last (life expectancy)?
We have records that with proper maintenance and care, the units will last 10-20 years. 


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