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Compressor runs all the time
  • Check door gaskets
  • Check for defrost timer staying on
  • Check for interior light staying on
  • Check thermostat for welded contact points
  • Make sure refrigerator is not located in extreme heat
  • System might be undercharged or overcharged
Compressor runs for just a few seconds then clicks off
  • Check compressor amp draw and compare to nomenclature plate
  • Check condensor fan
  • Check for lint in condensor coils
  • Check for low voltage conditions
  • Check freezer fan
  • Check protective overload
  • Check thermostat for short cycles
  • Make sure back cover is in place
Evaporator coil blocked with ice
  • Check defrost heater
  • Check defrost termination switch
  • Check defrost timer
  • Check door seals
  • Check for drain being plugged
Freezer is too warm
  • Check for air flow restrictions
  • Check for defrost element staying on
  • Check for iced-up evaporator coils
  • Check freezer compartment fan
  • Check freezer door gaskets
  • Check thermostat
  • Too much food in freezer
Refrigerator compressor runs but will not get cold
  • Check for leaks
  • Check for lint in condensor coils
  • Compressor may not be pumping
  • Defrost heater may be stuck on. Check defrost timer
  • Refrigerant line could be restricted
Refrigerator will not run
  • Check compressor
  • Check defrost timer (frost free models)
  • Check for low voltage condition. Low voltage conditions can be caused by extension cords. Remove and re-route if possible
  • Check power at wall socket
  • Check power cord to refrigerator
  • Check thermostat
  • Check wires to compressor


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