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Electric Range

Symptom Solution
Flame blows away from burners
  • Check air shutters to burners
  • Check for drafts near burners
  • Too much gas to burners
Gas smell
  • Check all gas valves, thermostatic gas valve(s), and oven safety valves for leaks with soap bubbles
  • Check all pipe joints and fittings with soap bubbles
  • Check for pilot out on burners
  • Check for too much gas going to burners
Oven burner will not light
  • Check clock for proper settings. Should be set to manual operation
  • Check flame switch
  • Check for pilot flame being out
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check glo bar
  • Check power cord at wall
  • Check spark module
  • Check thermostat
  • For glow bar models, check amperage at safety valve and compare with imprint on valve. Some models are 2.8 to 3.1 and others are 3.2 to 3.5 amps. The amperage should be printed on the side or top of the gas valve.
Oven too hot
  • Burner could be getting too much gas
  • Pilot set too high in oven
  • Thermostat could be out of calibration
Uneven cooking - food burns on one side, uncooked on other
  • Check burner for partial burning
  • Check level of oven
  • Check oven door gasket
  • Make sure pans are located properly in oven middle


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